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The information in this article also pertains to any live tree you are planting be it now during the winter or during the summer. The following species are available as of the beginning of the 2021 season and are generally priced at 25-30ft for most trees.

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Care of Your Living Christmas Tree Indoors.

Live christmas tree with root ball. You do not have to water the tree during this time. Root-balled trees should remain fresh retain their needles and have a reasonable chance of survival if planted out after Christmas. Water the root ball every day.

Caring for a Living Christmas Tree. Soak the roots in water before potting the tree in moist earth. However dont immediately plant it.

Setting up a living Christmas tree is as simple as carrying it indoors and keeping it watered daily. Our selection of quality Living Christmas Trees have good root systems and are either potted or sold as rootballs. If the root ball of your tree is wrapped in burlap place the root ball in a tub.

We have a broad range of classic shapes and. Living Christmas Trees – the Sustainable Choice. Place several rocks or a block of wood in the bottom of the pot to ensure your trees roots dont sit in a pool of water.

If the roots have become detached from the soil ball the tree will not grow well. Always carry the tree by the root ball not the trunk. Do not just pour water into the pan.

Make sure you have enough space allotted for a fully-grown tree. Earth is retained by wrapping the roots in sacking or a similar material. Care of Your Living Christmas Tree Before Taking It Indoors.

Place the tree in a large bucket and keep it well watered. You will be cutting through some of the roots. The tree can be left in the wagon or it can be set into a wide shallow pan indoors.

Blue Spruce available from 4-6. After Christmas move your tree back outdoors as soon as possible. After your tree is free from the ground slide it onto a piece of burlap.

Keep the roots damp until you are ready to pot the tree. If you like decorating long before Christmas the tree cant be central to your scheme because it wont weather much more than a week indoors. Balled and Burlap Trees.

Our trees are dug with an Optimal tree spade that digs a 44 wide ball for bigger trees or Vermeer tree spade with a 30 wide ball for smaller trees. Make sure that the root ball around the base of the tree is securely bound and that the dirt around it is tightly packed. You can buy such an evergreen at local nurseries with balled and burlapped roots or potted in a container.

Live Christmas trees are typically sold with the roots balled in burlap. Use a spade shovel to dig the dirt back from the intended root ball. Water the root ball to keep it moist.

Do not unwrap the burlap from. Use at least two quarts of water each time. They can cost twice as much as cut ones.

Live trees do come with limitations though. The entire rootball is wrapped in burlap and bound tightly. Either works fine as a Christmas tree.

Put the tree in a protected area such as a carport or garage so that the rootball will not freeze or leave tree out and cover the rootball with an old rug straw leaves or other mulch material. It requires more muscle to get in and out of the housea 6-footer with its root ball can weigh up to 250 pounds. These Xmas trees can be decorated and used inside the home for Christmas and then can be planted in the garden directly after the holidays.

We set the tree ball inside a burlap and wire basket to ensure a tight root ball to avoid cracking the root ball. This year however you can keep the holiday spirit in your life year-round by purchasing a living evergreen. Live trees that are balled in burlap instead of a cut tree.

Consider spraying the tree with an anti-desiccant such as Wilt-Pruf to keep the needles from losing excessive. Caring for Christmas trees with roots. Stand the tree in the pot and cover the root ball with mulch or newspaper to prop the tree upright and keep its roots from drying out.

A live tree is a great idea but many people make serious mistakes when it comes to handling a live tree and they end up losing their money. A week before you plant to bring it indoors move it into an unheated garage or porch to help it adjust to being indoors. When the sacking is removed pot the tree in moist earth.

Periodically water your tree making sure to keep the root ball moist but not wet. Store your live tree outdoors in a protected location such as a porch or shed. When Christmas is over you can replant the tree and let it continue to absorb carbon dioxide produce oxygen and provide a home for animals.

Norway Spruce available from 4-6. If the root ball is wrapped in burlap place it in a large tub and add mulch up to the top of the burlap to help retain moisture. Trees are occasionally sold balled-and-burlapped too meaning their root balls are wrapped in burlap instead of placed in a pot.

When moving the tree indoors place it away from direct heat this will help to prolong its lifespan. Add mulch on top of the root ball to help increase moisture. When you dig down about a foot cut back under your root ball.

Take home a Live Balled Christmas tree to enjoy for the holidays and beyond. There is a small chance that a rooted tree will survive if planted out after Christmas. Water the root ball as soon as you get the tree home.

Keep the earth moist. If your tree has a burlap-wrapped root ball this indicates it was grown in the ground and dug up for transport as opposed to being a container-grown variety. Make sure your rooted Christmas tree is freshly harvested.

Living Christmas trees are often available at garden centers and home improvement stores in plastic containers. Living Christmas trees are not the fresh precut trees but trees with the ball root intact that you can plant after the season. Put ice cubes on top of the root ball and allow them to slowly melt.

Pour the water slowly on top of the root ball and allow it to soak in. Check the water level in your trees basin regularly. Some of the root balls can weigh 100 to 200 pounds for a 5- to 6-foot tree.

I commend you on the effort of getting a live Christmas tree into your home. Live Christmas Trees. White pine available from 4-5.

Remove any burlap from the soil ball place the tree in its designated spot and fill the remaining hole with soil. Be sure to keep an eye on the soil and keep it moist. Plan on digging a root ball that is about 12-inches in circumference for a 4-feet tree.

If you really want to make your Christmas tree as eco-friendly as possible buy one with an attached root ball.

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